GALLERY BRULHART is a young gallery in Geneva that promotes contemporary art by women of African heritage. The gallery builds bridges between different cultures through art, focusing on women's perspectives.

Featured Artwork

Sheila Nakitende

Tree Dance (2023)

When the wind blows in a forest, the trees dance. Some may fall and some may stand. Some of the leaves and seeds will fly off and grow elsewhere whereas some may fall and rot. The artwork not only speaks about trees in literal sense but speaks about humanity. Our ability to withstand internal, external influences and challenges. Our vulnerability put to test and how we are able to navigate through life’s experiences.

sheila nakitende

womanhood, installation art, performance art, barkcloth, weaving


Akwantukɛsaɛ (2022)

The great journey we make through life, is simply the story of a soul starting from beyond the bounds of eternity, sojourning through time, and on, into other realities. While we pass through many dawns and midnights, shedding our multiple selves till we attain refinement, we may lose our paths, but purpose has a lifeline that restores us. What we leave behind, is a bold legacy, across the face of time with consistency; change being the only dynamic constant.

theresah ankomah

installations, sculpture, weaving, photography, basketry, consumerism, geopolitics, gender, identity, capitalism

Self Isolation IV

Self-Isolation IV (2020)

These pieces are about the new way I look at black women’s bodies. Racialized women face many challenges, starting with claiming their sexual and reproductive rights- the right to own their body.
The wearing of masks relates to the current Covid-19 safety measures. Without a full face to look at, the women could be anybody, leaving the viewer to superimpose their own person.

nadia wamunyu

Aquarel, figurative, African women


Liberation, Part III (2018)

Expresses the cry of a woman who wants to be allowed to show and realize her full potential, without being held back or governed by her biology.  She peels off her skin like a shell and pours out her hidden potential to show what she is capable of, if given the chance.

mavis tauzeni

women's lives, new generation, print, multi-media, semi-abstract

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