About Gallery Brulhart

Located at 21, rue des Vollandes, in Geneva, Gallery Brulhart is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art by women of African heritage.

Considering that women artists, and particularly women artists of colour, have historically been underrepresented in both private and public collections, the gallery is clearly committed to a feminist approach through monographic and group exhibitions exclusively dedicated to African and Afro-descendant women artists.

Thus, Gallery Brulhart promotes contemporary African art as a valuable and creative form of artistic expression that goes beyond restrictive and outdated colonial notions related to the African continent but rather as an exploration of more complex issues related to politics, history, identity, environment from the informed and critical perspective of the African woman.

We recognise and welcome the rich diversity of women's artistic practices and are convinced that women are the best supporters of each other. We think that contemporary art is an excellent communicator between cultures, and can serve as a catalyser for decolonisation and the fight against racism.

Last but not least, Gallery Brulhart is part of the network of art spaces, feminist associations, and the wider international humanitarian community in Geneva and Switzerland. 

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