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My name is Mona Brülhart and I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, where I studied social work. Curious about the world and different cultures, and with a keen commitment to social justice, I joined the United Nations Refugee Agency and worked for them for almost 30 years- mostly in Africa, including Somalia, Guinea, Liberia, Rwanda, and DR Congo.

I always loved contemporary art for its subversiveness and creativity. Living abroad, art has helped me to understand foreign cultures and their history from a deeper, more personal perspective. A painting or any art creation provides you with a glimpse of other people’s life and state of mind when it was created, which is a wonderful gift.

Artists are communicators, and that is especially important in our globalized world. They shine a light on the social issues that we are facing today, i.e. topics related to identity, gender, the environment, migration, North-South relations, etc. This is what makes contemporary art so relevant in our connected, but lonely planet.

As a staunch feminist from a young age, I am particularly interested in the views of women, from all ages and origins. The art world is one of the many spheres where women, and particularly women of color are still under-represented. Gallery Brulhart aspires to contribute to changing this by showing the work of contemporary women artists from Africa in Geneva.

portrait of Mona Brulhart
Mona Brülhart

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