Anastasie Langu Lawinner is a professional Congolese artist photographer. The visual arts have been her primary passion since childhood.

Her philosophical and artistic approach challenges history and collective memory, querying the evolution process of the present. In the face of the atrocities of colonialism, modern forms of slavery, the migratory crisis, sexism, armed conflicts and their management, the place and role of women in society, the search for spiritual identity, religion and resentments, she offers alternative therapies for healing and reparation.

The artist addresses present and future generations through photography, conveying the messages of those subjugated throughout the colonial history of Congo. The so-called philanthropic and civilizing missions of the colonial administration, the church and traders are laid bare for criticism.

Her work focuses on assimilation, inculturation and acculturation in the context of North/South, West/East intercultural encounters, as she seeks to highlight the inequalities between these socio-cultural blocks.

Her photography captures the biases projected by society onto black, female bodies, reinforced daily by the way we look at African women.

Artwork from the artist in our collection


Molimo na mwasi 3 (Molimo series) (2022)

Molimo na mwasi 2 (Molimo series) (2022)

Molimo na mwasi 1 (Molimo series) (2022)

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