Born in Geneva in 1987 to Rwandan parents and a graduate of Brunel University London with a Master's in Documentary Filmmaking, Cynthia Butare, a documentary photographer and filmmaker, aims to support the larger goal of dismantling common misconceptions and oversimplified generalizations about African people and those of African descent.  In 2012, she directed "KICKIN’IT WITH THE KINKS," a documentary about the natural hair of black women. In 2013, Cynthia directed "Ishimwa: from Bloodshed to Grace," which explores the life of a Rwandan ballet dancer and survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi. Having relocated in Rwanda since 2014, Cynthia seeks to breathe new life into her work by poetically capturing and expressing the cultural and social aspects of Rwanda, thus transforming her works into tributes that transcend mere documentary representation. Since turning to documentary photography in 2020, Cynthia chose to present her series "Moulding Hands" at the "What do you see?" exhibition of women photographers, marking her first participation in an exhibition.

Artwork from the artist in our collection

Fierce Femmes (Cynthia Butare)

Drumbeats of Change (2024)

Strings of Change (2024)

Resonance of Hands, Resilience of Hearts (2023)

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