Educated as a medical doctor, the German-Egyptian sculptor Dr Gindi spent her entire life wandering around different cultures and alongside emotional abysses. She attempts to understand why certain phenomena appear as they are and why she interacts with them in the way she does. Her classical training as a sculptor enables Dr Gindi to approach humanness more profoundly.

Through working with models and meticulously exploring the human morphology, inner dialogues are evoked and reflected in her works.

In her sculptural practice, Dr Gindi endeavors to explore the traversal of time and the metamorphosis of mime whilst illuminating the wickedness of human decay.

Denuded of almost everything except for canorous resonance, her sculptures take the form of morphologically inspired silhouettes which finally eternalize in bronze. Dr Gindi reminds us that a capacity for self-introspection and bravery is necessary to overcome the mere physical aspect of our personhood – she endeavors to model the infinity of our existence.

Her sanative three-dimensional works are both a testimony of the every day’s suffering of us humans and the budding reclamation of infinity - rendered through her high sculptural art.

Artwork from the artist in our collection

She That Spreads the Winds

Flying into Life (2021)

Amour fou or Living a Luminous Life (2022)

The Horticulturist (2021)

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