Colourfall(s) (2022)

Theresah Ankomah (b. 1989, Ghana)

installations, sculpture, weaving, photography, basketry, consumerism, geopolitics, gender, identity, capitalism


Dimensions:  238 x 280 x 289 cm

Price:  Upon enquiry

Medium:  Site-specific installation. Dyed palm leaf braids



The title of this work is a pun on colourful/waterfall, and references the blending of colour and waterfalls.

In this installation I have woven the dyed fan palm leaves into strips, with contrasting colours running through them. By bringing a domestic craft into the contemporary high art context, this work explores the infinite possibilities of craft objects, collaboration and processes.

Colourfalls is a visual representation of cascadia in colour, a layered outpouring of varied emotions, blessings, boundless creativity stemming from the divine or heaven. It is furthermore symbolic of the artist and her creative realm, blending with each other, making them inseparable. It is noteworthy that Colourfalls is also symbolic how creativity unfurls through the mind, the hands and eventually via the artistic medium of expression. It is a boundless expression of artistic energy, that could lend itself to numerous inspirations and interpretations.

This 2022 installation, Colourfall(s), revisits a 2021 work, extending the braided strips which had previously emulated water pouring downwards. In Colourfall(s) (2022), the strips now also extend upwards, travelling along the ceiling and integrating the gallery lighting before tumbling back towards the ground in a twisted column of coloured spirals. This extension forms a portal through which visitors pass, as well as increasing awareness of the fragility of the materials which sway with the movement of passing bodies.

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