Don't Bully Me (2021)

Nkuly Sibeko (b. 1991, South Africa)

surreal, phantasy, collage, South Africa, Soweto School of Art, violence against women


Dimensions:  79 x 102 cm

Price:  1'600 CHF

Medium:  Acrylic on canvas and mixed media

Framing:  Framed, unstretched canvas adhered to card.


I created “Don’t bully me” in reaction to how I see humans and animals moving with the times. Humans have power and responsibility to lead and protect on Earth, but as time has progressed, it’s not always the case. Human behaviour towards animals can be cruel, they can be physically abusive even towards the animals they keep as pets. Animals have feelings and emotions too. 

Humans have occupied and dominated nearly every place on earth, changing the environment so that no animals exist without human influence. There is a journey of discovery to be undertaken, as humans realise their role to protect the planet and the animals who depend on them. 

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