Sqalo l (Beginning of time I) (2021)

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Dimensions:  78 x 42 cm (unframed); 90 x 53 cm (framed)

Price:  1'400 CHF

Medium:  Acrylic on canvas and mixed media

Framing:  Framed, unstretched canvas adhered to card


Sqalo is a word from my home language, isiZulu, meaning beginning. Sqalo is a fresh start, or the beginning of time. Previously there was nothing on Earth, but with God’s words “Let there be light” -- that’s where the life of non-living and living things began. There is always timing for everything, for the beginning and the end; we as humans can predict the beginning of life (birth), but unfortunately we cannot predict the end of life which is death. We all have a choice of Sqalo, where you choose the way you want to lead your life. Mistakes are inevitable, and they shape and motivate us towards the right direction… to fail in life is also your responsibility. The wheels cannot turn against time but only move forward with time.

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