odile uwera

illustration, individual vs collective identity, passing on of traditions

Working Women IV (2024)

Working Women III (2024)

Working Women II (2024)

Fierce Femmes (Odile Uwera)

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cynthia butare

cultural heritage, changing role of women, poetic photography

Drumbeats of Change (2024)

Strings of Change (2024)

Resonance of Hands, Resilience of Hearts (2023)

Fierce Femmes (Cynthia Butare)

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crista uwase

collage, market scenes, colourful

Grain and Chaff (2024)

The Sowers (2024)

The Winnowers (2024)

Fierce Femmes (Crista Uwase)

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teta chel

Semi-abstract painting, mental world, sexuality

Holding on (2024)

Standing still (2024)

Souvenirs (2024)

Fierce Femmes (Teta Chel)

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willys kezi niangi

Mixed media, paper bags, cardboard, luxury, seduction, neo-colonialism

Sois sage (2023)

Tu suscites des désirs forts en moi (2023)

Gaugin Series

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Produits locaux et frais pour le Roi D (2024)

Mami Wata de Brazza (2024)

Muyombe girl (2023)

Bois de Boulogne

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maggy dago

feminism, afro-feminism, photography, gender equality

Adzo, seller of Ignam, 2023.

Accountancy, 2023.

Counting the money, 2023.

The aunties of the "tontine"

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sheila nakitende

womanhood, installation art, performance art, barkcloth, weaving

Tree Dance (2023)

Song of the Mountains (2023)

Mother Cloud (2023)

Winds and Survivors

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dr gindi

sculptures, bronze, human suffering, transcendence of spirit

Flying into Life (2021)

Amour fou or Living a Luminous Life (2022)

The Horticulturist (2021)

She That Spreads the Winds

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anastasie langu lawinner

photography, therapy, post colonialism, mask, identity

Molimo na mwasi 3 (Molimo series) (2022)

Molimo na mwasi 2 (Molimo series) (2022)

Molimo na mwasi 1 (Molimo series) (2022)

theresah ankomah

installations, sculpture, weaving, photography, basketry, consumerism, geopolitics, gender, identity, capitalism

Installation II (2022)

Installation I (2022)

Colourfall(s) (2022)

Dialogue with Fibres

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Ahoma Ntoasoɔ (2022)

Akwantukɛsaɛ (2022)

Where I come From

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agnes waruguru

everyday materials, traditional cultural identifiers, women's practices, nature, abstract

Untitled (2023)

Jellyfish dancing in morning dew (2023)

River dancer (2023)

New works from Amsterdam, 2023

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Amy Courtyard (2019)

In Reality, Dreaming of Palms (2020)

Untitled (Small things to Consider) (2020)

Small things to consider

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nadia wamunyu

Aquarel, figurative, African women

Mirror Mirror

Private Conversation

Black Mirror

Private Conversation

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Self-Isolation IV (2020)

Self-Isolation III (2020)

Self-Isolation I (2020)

Nadia Wamunyu

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mavis tauzeni

women's lives, new generation, print, multi-media, semi-abstract

Liberation, Part III (2018)

Liberation Part II (2018)

Liberation Part I (2018)

Mavis Tauzeni

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lea shabat

Nature, ecology, social justice, semi-abstract, naïve

Horses at Play (2009)

Coté Sud B (2012)

Jardin Majorelle (2009)

Lea Shabat

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boitumelo diseko

landscapes and memory, environmental psychology, South Africa, semi-abstract, contour lines

Kgosigadi (2021)

Origin (2020)

Tshaba (2020)

Boitumelo Diseko

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philiswa lila

South Africa, memory histories, collective frameworks of culture, authorship and agency, abstract

Ku Kwam Apha (2020-2023)

Ku Kwam (2020-2023)

Iqhiya emnyama series: Zandisile (2020-2023)

Keep Out of Reach of Children II

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Curtain (2020-2023)

Vulva, in all her glory! 2 (2020-2023)

Ilokhwe Yekresmesi: Ndiyamensa Mama (2020-2023)

Keep Out of Reach of Children

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Ntombentle (2014)

Portraits II (2019)

1981 (2020)

Skin, Bone, Fire - the First Album

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nkuly sibeko

surreal, phantasy, collage, South Africa, Soweto School of Art, violence against women

Sqalo II (Beginning of time II) (2021)

Don't Bully Me (2021)

Wheels of Time

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One Love (2009)

Togetherness (2019)

Cats in a Sack (2019)

Nkuly Sibeko

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hailu degaffe kidist

endurance art, women and children, tenacity, migration, intercultural exchange, integration

African Women with Chocolate (2009)

L'ascension du Cervin (2016)

Switzerland and Me (2013)

iMigration Endurance

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Stop Genocide I (2015 - 2017)

End Obstetric Fistula (2014)

Stop Early Marriage IV (2010)

Universality of Endurance

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