Collection: Small things to consider

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By: Waruguru Agnes

everyday materials, traditional cultural identifiers, women's practices, nature, abstract

The paintings represented in this collection are from Waruguru’s first solo show “Small things to consider” and were created during her time at the saba artists in residency on the island of Lamu in 2019.
Waruguru gravitates towards light cotton and transparent materials, giving her paintings the translucent, familiar feel of home fabrics. The paintings are made from various media (paint, ink, pastel, plants) and skillfully collapse familiar, abstract and imagined landscapes.
« I hope that through my paintings, I will make people look more deeply, and thus think more deeply, about what we see” (Agnes Waruguru).

Amy Courtyard (2019)

Flowers and plants in a courtyard, … rendering a wonderful composition of paints, inks and dyes pooling, resisting, and diffusing into each other.

In Reality, Dreaming of Palms (2020)

is a dreamscape rooted in reality with a touch of whimsy and dysphoria. The background is treated subtly and sparingly with green and black paint creating an open atmospheric quality with splatters of blue ink that blot into the fabric signaling some form of water body, in this case, I imagine an ocean, the Indian Ocean, also suggested by salt in different parts of the composition.

Untitled (Small things to Consider) (2020)

In Untitled, we are presented with fresh and vivid colours some of which reference the vegetation and topography of Lamu island.

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