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By: Celestina Amy

collage, mixed media, time, travel, evolution

For me, art is a means of communication, it is a means of sharing. Through art, I question the world around me.
In my art, I do a lot of collages, I use embroidery and also a material that I discovered, which is mesh, that I use a lot. I like texture a lot because it allows the viewer in front of the work to get closer to see what the artist used. The viewer wants to touch, to see, to feel, in order to know what material it is made from. I think it makes it really intimate.
I ask this question of the evolution of the human being: did the Man really evolve?

In Time III (2022)

One of my works "In Time III", gathers all the techniques that I have developed since 2018 namely collage, sewing and mesh.It was inspired by the Sankofa bird which is a mythical bird that moves forward with its head turned backwards, which expresses in fact this return to the sources to better apprehend the future. Here, I did not use the bird but rather my emblematic character with a sheep's head.
In this work, we find this sheep with its head tilted backwards. On the one hand, there is the writing, the ancient Phoenician alphabet which represents the past; on the other hand, there are the binary codes which represent the future.

In Time II (2022)

In Time I (2022)

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