Collection: In Transition-Here and Now

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By: Shah Prina

complexities of cultural identity, meditation, scribing on canvas


All forms of communication were taken away from me when my father was hospitalized in late December of 2020, leaving me with a deepening and unknowing silence. Communication began to take a different meaning in my life, a space where I had no words to express the pain that I felt.

In early January of 2021, I lost my dearest father to Covid 19.

This series of work started as a way for me to communicate the process and journey through grief, and the effects it had on me.  Thereby I created a language where I would not judge myself but be aware and allow myself to heal, through love and compassion.

Wool, chosen for its softness, is sewn in a circular form by the act of being present. A full circle expressing the desire to feel whole again.

The white lines represent the acknowledgment to communicate, the beginning and end of that day.

The gaps to acknowledge the inner silence felt.

The use of black describes depression and anxiety.

Maroon for knowing that something is wanting to surface.

Blue for the void felt.

Red for anger.

Yellow for my spiritual connection with my father, and orange in remembrance of the beautiful moments we shared.

The simple yet very difficult act of merely being present, the process began to reveal the journey, touching the heart and reviving the soul, discovering that the power of healing is in the act of being in the “here and now”.

Prina Shah

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