Collection: New works from Amsterdam, 2023

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By: Waruguru Agnes

everyday materials, traditional cultural identifiers, women's practices, nature, abstract

In her 2-year residency at the Rjiksakademie in Amsterdam, Agnes Waruguru continued to create delicate watercolours inspired by nature, in different formats, whilst she also experimented with new media such as glass and ceramics.

Her practice is a weaving of slow meditative processes and quick reactive moments, it is at once formal and abstract yet draws on everyday processes and crafts. Waruguru is deeply invested in the process of making artworks, he practice embraces experimentation and is cross-disciplinary. She makes work ranging from painting, drawing, printmaking, needlework and installation. Although her works are mostly abstract they are often a mix of memory and place.

Untitled (2023)

The snake has retracted its venomous hooks and shoots flowers.

Jellyfish dancing in morning dew (2023)

What if we were all lost in space, underwater ?

River dancer (2023)

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