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By: Sibeko Nkuly

surreal, phantasy, collage, South Africa, Soweto School of Art, violence against women

Sibeko’s paintings are always colorful, sometimes joyful, at others unsettling. Magazine clippings meander between symbols and organic shapes to quip us on societal themes such as political participation, violence against women, or the pressure to fit beauty stereotypes. Sibeko mesmerizes the viewer with her phantasy figures, whilst never providing them with easy mirror images or answers.

“Sometimes it is not about the entertainment that is outside of you, but about getting to know the person that is in you”. (Nkuly Sibeko)

One Love (2009)

One Love is the understanding between two people loving and supporting each other. However, there is always the evil threatening to destroy what has been built.

Love, communication and commitment are the foundations of a relationship. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, it’s not about love anymore but the benefits you get from someone.

Togetherness (2019)

If we stand together nothing can stand between us. Many men believe to win a women’s heart you need to give her material wealth. But the truth is that if you are able to build your relationship from scratch without money, it is easy to maintain that bond and grow together.

Men and women must know love is not material but love is a foundation of everything you need.

Cats in a Sack (2019)

In the generation we live in, we are all connected in a sack of spiritual growth and emotions. We all want to feel special and important to someone in a romantic way, and at some point in our life we want to settle down with someone who loves and appreciates our unique personality.

Check mate (2019)

Jozi (Johannesburg) is the city of Gold where everyone tries to make a living for their families. It’s a gamble city where you must choose your battles wisely. It’s either loose or win, and if you win make sure you don’t make friends as they will try to rob you. Everybody is a hunter in Jozi and if you win, you must run when you have a chance.

Amandla (2019)

Amandla is a word in Zulu meaning power. The power for the people to free themselves from political slavery and corrupt governments. In South Africa we need leaders who can represent the African culture in a positive way and support the young generation.

Sisters (2019)

Sisters is a bond, it doesn’t have to be your own family but you can always have a sister by a friend or someone you share the same values with.

To love and be loved is the most precious thing one can have.

Show your style (2019)

“Show your style” is based on a woman with a flirting personality. There is always a man watching her moves or trying to copy her to attract her.

We are women of different colors but the personality and characters are the same. A woman’s style describes the character she allows people to see her in.

Conversation (2019)

This is a conversation between two animals proclaiming the character of humans. Animals are great communicators. If we can try as humans being peaceful like animals and love like animals, I believe the new generation will understand and live in dignity (Ubuntu). Let us try to have a conversation without thinking of skin colors or our past, let us communicate as in one person like animals.

The bull (Inkunzi) (2019)

The Bull is a very stubborn animal when being provoked, but in this painting the Bull is the one making sure there is peace between the two animals fighting.

Often in life we face conflicts and misunderstandings. That’s why we all need someone to hear our side of the story for peace’s sake. We all need someone to believe in us and listen to us without being judged.

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