Collection: Unravel

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By: Endo Patti

drawings, minimalism, portraits, intimate

The collection of pieces show the diverse, yet complementary styles created by Patti Endo in her minimal aesthetic influenced by her Japanese heritage. From the distinct brushstroke pieces, to the intricate continuous line work, this array of work is a reflection of Endo’s definite expression.

Untitled Nude (2017)

An abstract figurative piece gazing out.

Continuum (2020)

A piece part of an ever growing continuous line series depicting female figures formed by abstract, instinctive lines.

Unravel (2017)

An intricate figurative piece of a man “unraveling” oneself to express the purity and vulnerability of being human.

Seated Nude (2018)

Classic imagery of a raw, seated nude self reflecting.

Minimal Self (2020)

Endo’s minimal depiction of herself created in her classic brushstroke style.

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