Collection: She That Spreads the Winds

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By: Gindi Dr

sculptures, bronze, human suffering, transcendence of spirit


Al Miner, Associate Professor, Georgetown University stated in the accompanying exhibition catalogue:  “The mix of struggle and a persistent glimmer of hope lies at the heart of Dr Gindi’s conceptually driven sculptural practice. With clay, wax and bronze she aims to make solid humanity’s sometimes agonizing quest to understand and access infinity.” According to Dr Gindi, “infinity is at the root of human fulfillment, it is a state of being that epitomizes the things which cannot be understood.”

Flying into Life (2021)

My aligned zest descends back to earth.
Reflecting on prospectives in hand, I am a ray stemming from the eclipse.

Amour fou or Living a Luminous Life (2022)

Though the surface is rough and their dance less than graceful, two figures embody twirling passion as one puckers for a kiss. All her sculptures “map ways to feel the breeze of the infinite,” according to Dr Gindi, here that breeze seems especially palpable.

The Horticulturist (2021)

A gardener is germinating his infinite self. Prolific seeds of ardour he planted that should by now be grown. Indeciduous roses warm his field of bones. I bloom just for you he says.

Beaufort 7 (2020)

Beaufort 7 is sensing sea mist on his face. But his windswept hair, with its tips burnished to a golden shimmer, could alternately be flaming rays. His eyes, seemingly closed protectively, might also be shut in peaceful slumber at the calm center of cosmic chaos.

She That Spreads the Winds (2021)

Perhaps on a lucent day her exhilarated wings are unfolding into the melody of breath. Airiness surrounds her.

Silent Resignation (2021)

The figure has his legs tightly and awkwardly crossed with his toes curled in as he gazes downward with deep, melancholic eyes. It is a representation of human suffering and bodily fragility. 

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