Frontières de l'illusion

21 Sep 2022 - 15 Oct 2022

In her Frontières de l’illusion project, Ukrainian artist Anna Lugovska wrestles with the concept of reality. Is there a mirror that can accurately reflect it? 

“We share one world, yet each of us can be said to possess our own world. We evolve in our own reality, perceiving outside life as if through a multitude of transparent bubbles. People see only what they wish to see, deciding for themselves what they will or will not notice around them. The poets of ancient Japan composed haikus reflecting upon the ability for a human to glimpse the whole universe in a rain drop. We have the means to access an overall view of the world, but it often feels safer to focus on a minute detail, putting everything else aside or simply ignoring the bigger picture. 

We hide in our bubbles seeking protection for the outside world. But is it possible to find safety we hope for in this fragile shelter with its transparent walls?

Shaken by social, political, and environmental instability, the reflections projected upon the surface of our bubbles lose precision, opening up the possibility for multiple interpretations. This multiplicity leads to misunderstanding and division. In the end, a majority chooses the lenses which are more comfortable for them, or accepts the interpretations provided by others.

The stronger our conviction that the reflection is accurate, the more grotesque and surrealistic their shapes appear on our bubble’s surface.”

So what is the reality?

“As a Ukrainian artist, I feel, I see how many bubbles full of illusion blew up this year, on a social and an individual level… including my personal ones... helping to build new system of values.” 

But does that mean that there is no more room for illusion? If not, where do its boundaries lay?

The exhibition "Frontières de l'illusion" introduces Ukrainian visual art to the Swiss public and presents the vision of Kyiv artist Anna Lugovska. The exhibition opening takes place on Wednesday, 21st of September at 18:00 in Gallery Brulhart, Rue des Vollandes 21, Geneva, Switzerland. This project has been implemented with the support of the Geneva Branch of the Ukrainian Society in Switzerland.

Anna Lugovska was born in Ukraine, where she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and began her artistic career. Despite her young age, she has already held exhibitions and art residencies in Ukraine and internationally. Having come to Switzerland after the events of the 24th of February in Ukraine, she continues to pursue her artistic practice, as well as finishing her PhD in Art History. In the past four months she has curated three exhibitions of Ukrainian art, in Geneva and Basel.


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The exhibition was realized with the support of the Geneva Branch of the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland.

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